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48 Letter A Activities to Engage & Educate your children

Are you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting letter a activities for your toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Then you have come to the right place.
I will provide to you with an exhaustive list of activities that you need. The below activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers, etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids
These activities will expose children to the letter Aa, identify what the letter Aa looks like and the sound it makes. It’s a way of interacting with the letter, making connections and experiences about letter A, thereby learning the letter.
But keep in mind that learning the letter sound first and then the letter name is important for reading and writing development.

What are sounds of the Letter “A”  

The letter “a” has seven different sounds. To master each of these, you must listen closely to experienced speakers of the English language and then practice articulating the words that contain “a” sounds. The underlined words in the following sentence demonstrate the seven different sounds for the letter “a.”

Jack was about to share his private yacht with his football coach when he received a cable informing him that the engine needed repair.

 But for a kid all these will be difficult. So start with most common a sound

A    /a/  apple

and let him learn other sound subsequently

When the child has learnt the /a/ sound it’s time to move to activities

Letter a activities for preschool


This is simple to make and is a visual reminder of what the letter Aa looks like, the sound that it makes and that apple begins with this sound. The larger paper plate can represent the upper case (big letter) and the smaller one lower case letters. Take a red color paper, a paper plate of big and small size, make pieces of it and use a fevistick to paste on plates. It is a wonderful opportunity to get messy with paint, develop fine motor control, oral skills to discuss concepts such as big and little, upper case and lower case letters, and also different kinds of apples.

Letter a activities for preschool-Paper plate apples


Treasure Hunt for the Letter Aa means looking for items around the house or classroom beginning with the letter Aa or finding objects that have the letter Aa on them. We found the letter Aa on a book and a wooden puzzle. Once we find some items we placed them at the centre of the hoola hoop.
Treasure hunts serve the purpose of getting little bodies running around and little brains thinking. This activity involves lots of conversation and repetition and modelling from the parent or educator for children to understand the concept that words are made up of sounds and that some begin with the letter Aa sound.

Treasure hunt-Letter Letter a activities for preschool


This activity induces fine motor development, control and concentration. It is also a great way to introduce the learning of the letter A. This activity involves placing tokens or gemstones or pompoms onto the circles inside the shape of the letter Aa or using different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to assemble. Children become familiar and begin to recognize the shape of the letter Aa.

Letter Puzzles-Letter a activities for preschool


“Aa’ is for Apple and Apple Printing.
This activity provides a great opportunity to talk about the letter Aa and the shape of the apple when pressed into the paint and onto paper. When we cut apples through different sides different shapes are obtained. When we cut down the middle from the stem we get a heart or butterfly shape and when it is cut through the centre from the rounded part of the apple, a circle shape is formed. Cutting the apple in different ways also presents the seeds another way with one presenting a star-like shape in the centre. Once we complete printing of our apples, then glue the uppercase and lowers letter Aa onto the painting

APPLE PRINTING-Letter a activities for preschool


There are numerous things you can do to learn the letter Aa on a whiteboard easel. Some of them are
Write the letter Aa with dots and get your child to trace over the top.
Randomly jumble and Write letters on the whiteboard repeating the letter Aa several times. Play Spot with your child to find them and circle them once found.
Write lots of words starting with the letter Aa and loudly say the words. Ask the child to circle the letter Aa in the word.


Get Letter a activity sheets like the one shown below and get children to use them. The objective is for the kids to get familiar with the letter a

You can find lots of them online. Just download, print to use


Letter a Arts and Crafts activities for toddlers

1)Apple Stamping
Apple stamping is a great lot of fun. Cut the apple in half, and carve out the shape of the letter “A”. Let your child stamp the letter on a sheet of paper and say the “A” sound each time they stamp.

Cut out a large white triangle for the body, and skin-colored circle for the head, and trace handprints on white construction paper for the wings. Glue together, and add facial features and a halo
3)Feelie Box
Have a feelie box, that children can’t look into, such as covered with a towel or sheet. Have them guess the object starting with the letter “A” that you have placed in the box.

Letter a Arts and Crafts activities for toddlers

4)Make an Airplane

Airplanes are a favorite for boys.Make simple airplanes like the one shown below and reinforce the starting letter A.While making the airplane try getting the children to say starting letters many times

Make Ants using cardboard egg cartons. Take 3 sections of a cardboard egg carton to form the body. Have the children paint it any color they wish. Using pipe cleaners, put antennae on the first section, and six legs on each of the 3 sections. Draw eyes or use wiggly eyes on the front section.
6)Make an Ark
Cut out two large boat shapes and make holes around the sides and bottom. With shoelaces or yarn, lace the 2 pieces together. Make a rainbow shape for the top to fit on like a handle. Let the children color the handle and staple or glue it to the top of the ark. Take some animal crackers and fill the boat. As each child selects a cracker to eat, have them tell what kind of animal it is.
7)”A” Collage
Cut out a large “A” from the poster board. Have the children find pictures of things in magazines that begin with the letter “A”, and tear them out. Glue them on the “A.”
8)Acorn Collage
Cutout a large “A” from cardboard. Have the children collect acorns, and glue them to the “A”. Explain how acorns grow into oak trees.
9)Ant Fun
Cut out a big letter “A” for each child and let them make ant prints all over it with their fingerprints and a stamp pad. Use small tip markers to draw in legs.

Letter A Activities for kindergarten

Letter A Activities for kindergarten
Vector cartoon illustration of empty kindergarten room with furniture and toys for young children. Nursery school for learning kids, modern interior of playroom for fun and playing games


All children stand or sit in a circle. Place an alphabet card on the ground in front of them. Play some music and children walk around the circle. When the music stops, they sit in front of the closest card. We then need to go around the circle and each child has to tell me the sound of the letter they have.

Make the children to perform acrobatic feats such as somersaults, headstands, backbends, bridges, rocking horses, etc. Be sure to use a gym mat, or arrange a field trip to a gym.
3)ABC Bingo
this is easy to make out of construction paper or poster board. Use buttons or beans to cover spaces. Have children match as you call out lower/uppercase, etc, first child to cover the card yells “Bingo.” Prizes can be simple, such as a snack or extended playtime in a certain area.
Aluminum “A” Cut aluminum foil into long strips and glue to a large cutout letter “A”. Discuss the uses of aluminum with your kids, as well as recycling. Have each child bring something recyclable from home and let them place it in a recycle bin.
4)”A” Sounds
Talk about things from home that begin with the letter “A” and see how many things the children can think of

5)I know my Address!
Encourage all the children to memorize his or her address. Draw and cut out a large paper house to place on a bulletin board. Then, as the children memorize their addresses, invite them to pin his or her name and address on the house shape.
6)Animals, animals everywhere!
Take the children to a zoo nearby! What are animals that start with the letter a. Talk about each animal and what it eats, what it feels like, and whether or not it would make a good pet?
7)The “A” Box
Decorate a box with the letter “A”. place items or pictures of items that begin with the letter “A” inside the box. This also works for pictures, and have each child in turn draw out one picture and tell its name and what they would do with it.
8)Acrobatic “A”‘s

Divide the children into groups of three. Make the children in each group lie on the floor and use their bodies to form the letter “A”. Let the children in each group exchange places and form the letter “A” again, so each child gets a turn at being a different part of the “A”. Then have the children gather in larger groups and form a giant “A”.
9)Astronomical Astronauts
Show the children pictures of astronauts and talk about what they do. Give the children white shirts, boots, and helmets to wear for the astronaut’s clothing. You can make an astronaut’s helmet by using a paper grocery bag or cardboard box and decorating it with foil, stickers, pipe cleaners found in daycare. Make pictures of planets hanging all around the center. Have the children pretend they’re walking on the moon, and talk about what it would be like to be weightless in space.
10)Three letter word games
This game is to find out what 3 letter words start with a.Paste all letters on cardboard and ask children to make 3 letter words using the same. The child getting most words in a specified time wins
11)What can you wear with the letter a?
Ask children to wear things with A for a fancy dress competition. That will make them more eager to learn more A words from parents

Some things which can be looked at for
Athletic Supporter
a-line skirts or dresses
Angora sweater
Abrecrombie clothes
Aeropostale clothes
American Eagle clothes
Abalone Shell and Acorn necklace
Acrylic nails
Admiral rank
Aerobic leotard
Afghan shawl
Agate ring
Alligator skin boots
Amber jewelry
Ambergris (It’s used in perfume)
Anniversary ring
Ape costume
Aigner Designer Clothes
Argyle sweater
Argyle socks
Ankle socks
American eagle brand
Adidas sneakers
Army fatigues
Art smock
Athletic socks
·Austin Reed suit
An “A’s Baseball Cap”
Adidas sneakers
Austin Reed suit

12)”A” is for animals

Cut out magazine pictures of animals. Have the children put them on the wall in daycare to make a personal zoo, or put the pictures together in a picture book for the daycare. Let the children draw four of their favorite animals and make a picture book for each child to take home.
13)Animal Masks
Make animal masks out of grocery bags or paper plates or using decorative items such as tissue paper, stickers, markers, glue, yarn, etc. Do a puppet show or small play and let the children make up their own lines for their animal.
“A” is for Antarctica, Africa, and Australia
Use a globe or world map to show the children where these different continents are compared to our own. Talk about what a continent is, and read books or show videos on the different continents to learn about their culture.
14)Alligator Fun
Let the children imagine being alligators in a swamp. Randomly Call “Alligators Go!” and “Alligators Stop!”. When the Alligators are all going, they make the short sound of the letter A. When they are stopped, they are quiet. Anyone who makes a sound when they’re stopped is “eaten” and is out.
15)Who Am I?
Give the children clues regarding an animal, and let them guess which animal you are describing.
16)Where Do I Belong?
Put pictures of animals on a tagboard or felt board. Let the children sort the pictures into farm, pet, or zoo categories.
17)Accordion Folding

Teach the children how to make accordion folds, and let them create something that makes use of the folds. Examples include a bird with wings, a woman wearing a skirt, or a simple paper fan.
18)Alphabet Hunt:

Hide some pictures of things beginning with the letter A around the house or classroom, some easily visible and some a little harder to find. Then let the children go on a hunt for the pictures.

Letter A Songs & Poems
Letter A Songs
Five little monkeys jumping in the park scene on white background illustration

A is a vowel, a letter in the alphabet a, a, a, a (Short Vowel A Sound)
There was a cat
Wearing a hat
Taking a nap
On my lap
a, a, a, a (Long Vowel A Sound)
I found a snake
Who was brave
Playing a game In the rain
a, a, a, a (Short Vowel A Sound)
a, a (Long Vowel A Sound)
Write an uppercase A in the air
Write a lowercase a in the air a, a, a, a
(Short Vowel A Sound)
a, a (Long Vowel A Sound)
A is a vowel, a letter in the alphabet

You can catch this song here

I’m a Little Airplane
I’m a little airplane (children raise arms from sides to shoulder height)
Watch me fly! (Spin one arm in front as if a propeller)
Here are my instruments
From down low to up high (With their other arm, they reach from the ground to above their heads)
First I get all revved up (Make engine-like noises while still spinning their arms)
Then I can fly (Raise arms to shoulder height)
Lifting off the runway (start walking forward)
Up into the sky! (Go up on their tiptoes and continue to move forward. Let them circle awhile before returning to their original positions.)

Ants, ants,
Rushing here,
Rushing there.
Carrying treasures
To their nest,
Never stopping
For a rest.
Ants, ants
Here and there,
Hurrying and scurrying

Alligators and the Monkeys
5 little monkeys
Sitting in a tree
Teasing the alligator
“Can’t catch me!”
Along came the alligator
Quiet as can be (whisper this part loudly)
SNAP!!! No more monkeys sitting in the tree!

Sing Hurray for A!
(To the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”)
Let’s sing hurray for A,
Let’s sing hurray for A,
Let’s sing hurray for A today
Let’s sing hurray for A.
Apple starts with A,
Asparagus starts the same way,
Let’s sing hurray for A today,
Let’s sing hurray for A.

When the Ants Go Marching In
Oh when the ants
Go marching in
Oh when the ants go marching in
How I want
To be in that number
When the ants go marching in
This is a good song for the children to march around the room

Letter A Recipes and Snacks
Letter A Recipes and Snacks

Simple Snacks:

Animal Crackers
Apple Butter/Juice
Apples, applesauce
Alphabet cereal
Alphabet soup
American cheese
Angel Food Cake

19)Apple Chat: Give each child an apple. Ask them to describe the apple using all of their senses except taste. Then cut the apple in half and explain that they grow from seeds. Point out the various parts, invite them to count the seeds, and cut the apple into bite-size pieces. Let them eat a piece and describe how it tastes
20)Ants on a Log or Raft: Spread cream cheese on a piece of celery. Let the children put raisins on their logs and rafts.

21)Letter “A” Taste Test: Try apples, apricots, avocados, artichokes and any other foods starting with the letter “A” that you can find.

Hope you found this post interesting and useful.Now its time to use them and get started on the reading journey